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capV is a next-generation on-demand video calling platform that works on any operating system without needing any modification and anybody with access to a browser can have access to all its features and functionality.

Since the solution is offered as Platform as a Service (PaaS), all users have to do is provide a password for logging into their account through a web browser. This directly eliminates the need of developing and maintaining the IT hardware/any installation required by the end-user thereby reducing cost for them.

Users can carry out video calling from any location, any time by logging in through the internet using the browser as the solution works on any operating system.

Maintenance is very real-time, cost-effective, and time-saving for CapV as the updates just need to be installed through the internet. When somebody adds a change to, say, the customer support system the change is available to anybody who views it thus building on the exceptional customer experience.

capV offers users native integration and customization through on-demand video recording (i.e. you do not need to record the whole video conversation but can start/end recording according to the requirement.) and native integration.

Some other important features offered by this solution are one-to-one calling (audio/video), conference calling (audio/video), and text chat, file sharing.

For Queries, please mail to support@capvonline.com

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